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(Wholesale) Coco Caye Loc Lasso Hair Tie - Loccessories™

(Wholesale) Coco Caye Loc Lasso Hair Tie

$16 USD

From the crystal blue Caribbean waters, with love... The cowry shell on the Coco Caye Loc Tie embodies the oceanic symbol of prosperity while adding an exotic touch to your locs.

The disc is hollowed to make the long horn bead fit securely. The sturdy elastic is 22 inches in length, making it perfect for wrapping around thick locs, braids, twists and puffs or worn as a headband without causing a splitting headache. The sturdiness of the elastic band also ensures it does not snap like average hair ties from the beauty supply store. When you have big, bold hair that carries a lot of muscle, you need something strong.

Let it lay against the disc horizontally and voila, you are good to go!

Length = Approx. 22" (55cm)

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