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Tribal Tie Backs Loc Bead - Loccessories™

Tribal Tie Backs Loc Bead

$6 USD

Want to keep your locs out of your face without committing to the full on ponytail holder experience?

Worried about the troublesome tension caused by ponytail pull?

Try this stylish solution on for size.

The Tribal Tie Back is a hand carved, enlarged hole dreadlock bead perfect for holding back your locs in the most stylish of ways. Simply slip 2-4 locs through the bead and ‘voila!‘ out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy the rest of your day without constantly needing to brush your dreadlocks out of your face.

Bead Diameter: approx.  16mm
Quantity = 1

How To Measure Your Locs for Loc Beads
(works for twists & braids too!)

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