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HealthyLocs Culture Box

$39 USD

A monthly subscription box made especially for LocStars who Say It Loud: Got Locs & I'm Proud!

As a HealthyLocs Culture Box subscriber, each month you’ll receive a custom curated box filled with 5 to 7 incredible products for your locs that we’re crushin’ on right now, including 1-2 box-only exclusives not sold on the site. 
Locs Box Subscription, what??? Yes... a subscription box for dreadlocks, made just for you...

Hey Luv, welcome to the club!

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Say It Loud: Got Locs & I'm Proud!
Ready to level up your loc game?
The HealthyLocs Culture Box is a monthly subscription box for LocStars who Say It Loud: Got Locs & I'm Proud!
Remember how exciting it was when you were a little kid to receive a piece of mail with your name on it! You'd grin from ear to ear in eager anticipation of the surprises to be discovered inside...

Now that you’re adulting, the thrill is gone. The responsibilities of life fill your mailbox with bills, bills and more bills. That's no fun at all!

But it doesn't have to be this way...

As a HealthyLocs Culture Box subscriber, each month you’ll receive a custom curated box filled with 5 to 7 products for your locs that we’re crushin’ on right now, including 1-2 box-only exclusives not sold on the site.

The HealthyLocs Culture Box is a sweet monthly gift to give yourself...
you deserve it —
or gift to a friend who loves their locs as much as you do!
An affordable indulgence honoring the way you show up in the world everyday,
bold and unapologetic.

So go ahead and snatch up the HealthyLocs Culture Box during this special offer,
Loccessories newest creation that’ll make your locs the talk of the town and leave your loctician green with envy. It will be your secret weapon for leveling up your loc game all while keeping them looking so fresh & so clean.

You’ll find fun & functional products like loc jewelry & beads, loc maintenance tools, hair products to try, a fresh to def t-shirt made just for Dreadlock Rockers plus other themed goodies each and every month.
So what are you waiting for sway? Let's do this thing...
Unapologetic Beauty
Your locs have no need to be discreet, your beauty needs no fine print or apology. You shine a standard of beauty without illusion or assimilation. Conformity has been shaken as you redefine the norm. Your beauty matters. Period.
Discover Hidden Gems
Whether it's around the corner or across the globe, we seek out unique, hand-picked artisinal items to compliment your locs and share them with you. Explore the diaspora from the comfort of your home. No passport necessary.
No membership fees. No long-term commitments.
We ship your items right to your door. That means no scuffling through dusty beauty store aisles searching for products you need & want. We uncover the best and send them to you!
What’s inside the HealthyLocs Culture Box?
All of the goodness you’ll receive includes:

5 to 7 hand-picked items that will make your loc journey a whole lot easier, including exclusive items that won’t ever be sold on our website.

• A signature piece of loc jewelry to accessorize your locs!

• An exclusive Loccessories t-shirt that you can wear out on the block, to your favorite club or to an art fest. (Styles vary based on monthly theme.)

$80-100 worth of goodies for less than half the price every single month!

*Please Note* The HealthyLocs Culture Box is primarily accessory/apparel-based, not hair product based.
Why is the HealthyLocs Culture Box so cool?

• No more digging through dusty beauty store bins or driving from store to store in an effortless search to find the perfect product to keep your locs looking fresh. (Trust, we’ve nearly tried them all and so we only send you the good stuff!)

• Fun, swag bag worthy accessories only #teamlocs would appreciate — high quality graphic tee for LocStars only, handcrafted loc tie hair accessory to hold your dreads or signature piece of loc jewelry, Melanin-centric unisex bracelets, stickers, sweets and other good stuffs...Really, it's like Christmas every month!

• Find new favorites without leaving the house! Just imagine celebrating your birthday each month with an exclusive box of goodness made just for you. Plus, you’ll get to explore new adventures and awesome hair goodness through our unique cultural finds, no passport necessary.

• PLUS, free US shipping!
How much does it cost?
  • The cost is $39 per month
  • Your first box will incur an immediate charge to your credit card
  • Renews each month on the 1st day (boxes ship by the 15th of each month)
  • You'll receive an email payment reminder 3 days before your monthly bill
  • Hassle-free refunds so long as you cancel before your next billing cycle
  • You can cancel at any time. (But really, why would you want to?!)
Exclusive Goodies Delivered Right To Your Doorstep, Up To $100 Value & Free U.S. Shipping!

The Deets...
  • Sounds cool. How does it work again?
    Each month, you’ll receive an exclusive goodie box of carefully curated items made especially for your locs. PLUS swag items not found anywhere else. AND Shipping is completely FREE on all U.S. orders!

  • Nice! Who picks the styles?
    Our awesome team of passionate Naturals who want to keep you geared up and your locs looking fresh & fierce! Fun themes guide each month and guaranteed to always include something extra special from our travels (be it to the corner market or Cape Verde).

  • Do I have to sign my life away?
    Of course, you belong to us now...bwah ha ha ha! <<cue maniacal laugh here>> Just Kidding! You can cancel anytime, ‘cuz that’s just how we roll. No questions asked.

  • How do I know if the HealthyLocs Culture Box is worth it?
    We know how much you love your locs and with all of the passion packed into this glorious box, we know you'll love your box of hair swag too. But if you don't, no worries, you can cancel anytime. We want you to be happy so no hard feelings.

  • Is it for men too or just for women?
    Yes, men will enjoy a swag box just for them (just indicate your gender and t-shirt size after checkout by replying to your order confirmation).

  • When will my box ship?
    The HealthyLocs Culture Box usually ships by the 15th of each month. It can take up to 4-6 business days before you receive your box. You will receive a tracking number via email once your HealthyLocs Culture Box ships so you can track it every step of the way.

  • When will my card be charged?
    You only need to sign up for the Club once. Your card will be charged at the time of purchase and automatically on the 1st each following month. If you sign up after cutoff date for that month’s shipment, you will receive the following month’s box (but you will only be charged once for that month).

*Please Note* The HealthyLocs Culture Box is primarily accessory/apparel-based, not hair product based.

Mail isn’t fun anymore when you’re an adult...
Get A Big Box of Happy Delivered Right To Your Door!
  • How long does the Club last?
    For as long as you want! If you've been in the Club for a whole 12 months, we'll just restart you in Month 1 but we'll be sure to send you new t-shirts so you won't get duplicate designs!

  • What if I don't like my box?
    Your happiness is our #1 goal, and if you're not totally geeked out over the box you got, first consider gifting it to a fellow LocStar who would LOVE it! Otherwise, within 7 days of receiving your swag, feel free to email us at hello@ loccessories.com and we can arrange an exchange with any other item of equal value that you see in the store.

  • You will only be charged once every month. You can opt out at any time.
Quick Hit: Orders ship out by the 15th of every month. Your card will be charged $39 + tax at the beginning of each month (your first order is billed immediately). International shipping is an additional $9.95 per month.

Growing locs is a journey, let us journey with you...

Go ahead, fall in love with a new product/brand you wouldn’t have tried on your own. Enjoy expertly curated recommendations and surprises. Pamper your locs with the HealthyLocs Culture Box, stylish self-care for your hair.

Each package is like a surprise gift...that's good enough reason to treat yourself!
Join the HealthyLocs Culture Box for Dreadlocks!


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