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Feng Shui Coco Coin Loc Lasso - Loccessories™

Feng Shui Coco Coin Loc Lasso

$24 USD

Inspired by the Chinese coins used in Feng shui, the Feng Shui Coco Coin Loc Lasso is a main staple in the loc lasso family. The Feng shui coin is symbolic as a harbinger of harmony and prosperity. What better place to wear this lucky charm than on your crowning glory.

Its neutral color makes it a good choice for everyday use and a complementary piece for any outfit. The extra long elastic is durable and does not snap. To use, simply wrap once, twice or multiple times to reach the desired tension. When you have achieved your desired grip, place the medallion on top to face the direction you want your harmony to flow! Now you are set to rock your ponytail or loc bun.

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