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Dreadlock Shampoo Brush & Scalp Scratcher - Loccessories™

Dreadlock Shampoo Brush & Scalp Scratcher

$8 USD
  • Dreadlock shampoo brush, ideal for washing dreadlocks, micro locks, twists and braids
  • Oversized knobbly bristles for soothing, scalp massage and effective cleansing
  • Keeps your locs fresh and deep-cleansed, without causing frizz
  • Invigorating Scalp Massager & Scalp Scratcher

Typical shampoo brushes have thin, wiry bristles which scratch the scalp leaving it tender and sore and are not effective for locs. We've finally found a shampoo brush that has GIANT knobbly bristles with a soft silicone-like massaging texture, perfect for cleansing your locs and refreshing your scalp, all while maintaining your style. 

This ergonomic scalp scrubber is ideal for massaging a gentle, residue-free shampoo deep into your locs without creating a lot of frizz. It also allows you to work the shampoo down between your dreadlocks, helping to give your scalp a stimulating deep-cleanse and detox. 

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Color: Red/Gold (sent at random)



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