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CurlyGirls Combo Kit - Loccessories™

CurlyGirls Combo Kit

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One of the best things about going natural and showing off the beauty of your curls, coils, kinks and locs is being able to reinvent your look again and again with fresh hairstyles. Still, as any curly girl knows, you need to have the right hair styling tools and natural hair accessories at the ready if you want to get creative and try out new styles.


In this gift set, you'll receive:


- FRENCH COMB: This wide toothed hair accessory lets you snugly secure a style in place without destroying your natural curl pattern or damaging your tresses


- TWIST PINS: Meet the big brother of the bobby pin! One twist pin provides the hold of 10 bobby pins to anchor thick hair in place


- CRINKLE STICKS: Keep a heavy up-do swept away and looking great without excess pressure rubbing against the scalp


- RAT TAIL COMB: Stop parting and reparting and parting again. This comb makes getting a perfectly straight part on the first try a cinch


- PONYTAIL LOOP: This ingenious hair tool makes pulling the biggest, fluffiest curls through to make a tightly inverted ponytail a piece of cake


- OPEN ENDED PONYTAIL HOLDERS: This is the grown-up version of the ponytail holder. It's open ended design makes gathering and cinching all of your luscious curls a breeze.


Whether you're hoping to add to your style repertoire or give a gift of gorgeous hair style to your favorite curly girl for any special occasion, the CurlyGirls Combo Kit is sure to please. Order this gift set designed by a curly girl for curlygirls everywhere!

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