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How To Wash Your Dreads Without Messing Them Up

Give Your Locs A Fresh, Deep Clean Without Causing Frizz

FREE Dreadlock Shampoo Brush

  • Dreadlock shampoo brush, ideal for washing dreadlocks, micro locks, twists and braids
  • Oversized knobbly bristles for a soothing, scalp massage and thorough cleansing
  • Keeps your locs fresh & deep-cleansed, without causing frizz
  • Invigorating Scalp Massager & Scalp Scratcher

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Your Secret Weapon to Gorgeous Locs!

Typical shampoo brushes have thin, wiry bristles that scratch the scalp leaving it tender and sore and are not effective for locs.

We've finally found a shampoo brush that has GIANT knobbly bristles with a soft silicone massaging texture, perfect for cleansing your locs and refreshing your scalp, all while maintaining your style.

Massaging Scalp Scrubber
Feels Like Heaven

An ergonomic scalp scrubber ideal for massaging a gentle, residue-free shampoo deep into your locs without creating a lot of frizz.

It also allows you to work the shampoo down between your dreadlocks, helping to give your scalp a stimulating deep-cleanse and detox.
We’re giving it away FREE for a limited time so claim yours while they’re still available. Just cover shipping & handling (only $6.95 USD).

Color: Red/Gold/Blue (sent at random)

*Promotional items are limited to 1 per order*

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Self-Care for Your Hair
We ♥ Your Locs As Much As You Do. Pamper Your Locs from Root→Tip
Maintain Healthy Shine & Sheen
Deep Cleansing, Residue-Free
Makes A Great Gift
For Yourself or Your
Favorite LocStar!

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