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Natural Boar Bristle Loc Brush - Loccessories™

Natural Boar Bristle Loc Brush

$26 USD

Keep your locs fresh, lint-free and naturally shiny without a ton of fuss or hair products. 

If you’re looking for an all natural, low-maintenance way to maintain the natural sheen of your luscious locs while keeping dust bunnies and build-up at bay, this is just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Whether mature dreads or nearly new, this Natural Boar Bristle Loc Brush set will change your loc game in more ways than one. Whether casual is your calling or bling is your thing, you need fresh, lint-free, and flourishing locs. This unique Loc Brush set does the trick!

Expertly designed, the brush features a sturdy wooden frame for excellent grip and maneuverability. It's double sided so that you can access your locs from all angles with one pass of the wand. Not so with standard brushes that only touch one side.

With a naturally streamlined curvature, it smoothes flawlessly while its interlocking rows of bristles go to work creating a shiny and vibrant look using your hair’s natural oils.

Durable and reliable, the bristles neither give up nor break, making this affordable set your lint-free solution of choice. Looking as good as it works, this Natural Boar Bristle Loc Brush makes an elegant addition to your room vanity!


  • Keeps Hair Natural Shiny
  • Firm Grip and Easy to Handle
  • Top-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Portable Size and Form Factor
  • Lint-Free and Anti-Dust Functionality

What you’ll receive:

  • All natural boar bristle brush
  • HealthyLocs Loc Brushing Guide to lint-free locs and natural sheen

Used by both men, women, & children...Got a little guy that won't sit still for his dreadlock maintenance sessions and constantly comes home with a head full of lint? This is the perfect solution for you! Just a few minutes a day will have his dreads looking so fresh & so clean. 


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