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Magnetic Bobby Pins Keeper Bracelet - Loccessories™

Magnetic Bobby Pins Keeper Bracelet

$7 USD
Don't you hate it when you've spent 20 precious minutes (or more) getting your hair into the perfect style and then have to scramble to get the bobby pins ready? You try to pick one up while holding your hair in place and they scoot across the counter and crash to the floor. Behind the toilet, no doubt. What to do? Pick it up and loose the style or search for another nearby? Arghhh...we hate when that happens, and this is the perfect solution.

No more fruitless searching for bobby pins. Have your bobby pins at the ready for your next styling session with the Magnetic Bobby Pins Keeper Bracelet and never have to sacrifice a style or scramble for a bobby pin again!
Material: Silicone; metal
Size: One size fits most

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