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Sugar Snaps Hair Barrettes - Loccessories™

Sugar Snaps Hair Barrettes

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Sugar Snaps Barrettes for Locs & Twists by Loccessories® 
is for every Mom who wants to style her little girl's hair with fun accessories that fit her locs.

Here's a huge problem you face every day... It's not finding hair accessories made for your little girl's dreadlocks & twists. But that's not the end of your problems, there's also the important task of giving your little princess the self-confidence to let her light shine in a world that constantly tries to tell her that her beauty doesn't matter. 

What makes this even worse is the fact that your princess feels left out and insecure, not able to decorate her hair like her friends! Which means your baby girl feels like she simply isn't pretty like the other girls.

Many moms of girls with locs struggle with the frustration that since there are no girls hair accessories made for dreadlocks, that their baby girl just has to settle for feeling left out of fun hair styling options.

All this can make trying to empower your little girl a constant uphill battle! But luckily for you, there's now a solution... 

So, if you're a mom and who really wants to style your little girl's hair with accessories that fit her locs, “Sugar Snaps Barrettes for Locs & Twists by Loccessories” is the just answer you've been looking for!

You've waited long enough for cute, fun hair accessories made especially for locs - Don’t Wait Any Longer,  Order Yours Today!

Quantity = 24 pieces per set*
(*Pretty Princess set is 20 pieces)

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