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The Perfect Ponytail Holder - Loccessories™

The Perfect Ponytail Holder

$4 USD

“Finally, a ponytail holder for grown folks...”

It’s the perfect ponytail holder for curls, coils, kinks & locs!

What makes this unique ponytail holder so perfect?

  • Open-ended loop to gather thick, luscious curls, kinks & locs with ease, no more struggling to stuff all of your hair into a small closed-loop elastic band

  • No metal clasps or parts that tear, rip and snag delicate hair strands

  • Unisex style, great for men who rock a full head of gorgeous hair

  • Strong, durable elastic won’t become limp & lifeless - won’t get stretched out like a worn out rubber band after only a few uses

How does it compare to other ponytail styling tools?

  • Headband - too tight, gives you a headache
  • Typical ponytail holder - childish designs for little girls, has metal parts that snag & rip the hair
  • Banana clip - irregular shape, creates distorted ponytail and snags your hair
  • Rubber band - hard to get all of your hair in it without losing the style and pulls/snags your hair when you remove it...ouch!
  • Knotted ribbon ties - too loose to hold thick, curly or heavy hair
  • Accordion clip flex comb - too flimsy and teeth too sharp, doesn’t hold style smoothly, creates too many lumps and uneven, pouffie parts

By using the Perfect Pony you now have an open­-ended loop to gather thick curls, kinks & locs with ease. No more struggling to stuff your hair into weak clamps, loops or rubber bands.

A ‘must-have’ hair essential for big, bold hair!

Color = Black
Length = 7" (17.5cm)
Quantity = 2/pkg

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