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Lint Lifter Loc Tweezer - Loccessories™

Lint Lifter Loc Tweezer

$6 USD

Say Goodbye To Pesky Lint In Your Locs!

Are you tired of lint getting trapped in your locs, making them look dull and dirty?

No matter how hard you try, those annoying little dust bunnies always seem to attract themselves to your locs like moths to a flame.

And you're left frustrated and confused...until now.

The Lint Lifter Loc Tweezer for Dreadlock Maintenance is the solution you've been searching for to keep your locs looking so fresh & so clean. 

    • EASY TO USE: Gently coax lint to the surface of the loc and pull it out
    • NO DAMAGE TO YOUR LOCS: Made of high quality plastic with textured finish, providing just the right amount of grip & slip, so it won't rip apart your locs like metal tools do
    • SMALL & COMPACT: Discreetly slips into purse, pocket or gym bag so it's there anytime you need a fix, fast
    • PRECISION TIP: Ends meet at a perfect point for an accurate grip to conquer the most stubborn lint
    • FREE HOW-TO GUIDE: Secrets to lint-free locs guide included with your purchase! 

But Kaaaaay, can’t I just use regular tweezers that I (or my wife or my girl) use to pluck my eyebrows with?

Well, here’s the thing... regular tweezers (the metal kind) snag and tear the hair AND damage the integrity of your locs. You’ll notice this over time when your locs start to thin and break in strange places (like the middle of a loc). It’s because the dreadlock has been over manipulated. Micro tears lead to a weakened loc which eventually breaks and falls off.

Metal tools are easy access, yes, but not the best option for hair health. Plus, the standard metal ones have a wide, blunted tip which means it’s less precise in capturing the lint. This causes you to have to pluck at it serveral times to try to capture the lint and further tears your hair.

The Lint Lifter has a precision tip that’s pointed to perfection to help you get to the lint, fast, quick and with impeccable accuracy.

We don’t want you to suffer the fate of scraggly locs after you’ve spent so much time and care cultivating them, that’s why we had this one specially designed exactly for this purpose. 💯


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