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Instaloc Dreadlock Crotchet Tool Maintenance Kit - Loccessories™

Instaloc Dreadlock Crotchet Tool Maintenance Kit

$12 USD

Start or maintain your dread journey quickly with the Instaloc Dreadlocks Crotchet Tool

Have instant dreads that don't unravel.

This high quality dreadlock crotchet tool allows you to maintain your locs without experiencing the ripping or tearing that typical latch hooks cause. *Note* eliminating the metal clasp of a latch makes it better for the long term health of your dreadlocks.

Complete Kit: No hopping from shop to shop to gather all of your needs for wash day. This convenient kit comes complete with all the essentials you need to maintain your dreadlocks using the Instaloc crochet method.

Benefits include:

  • smooth, uniform look of manicured locs
  • round out blunt tips
  • pull fray and wayward strand back into the loc
  • add length with dreadlock extensions

Package Includes: 
(1)  0.5mm locs crochet needle
(1) 0.75mm locs crochet needle
(1) package of hair elastics
(4) no-slip alligator hair clips
(1) stylish felt travel carrying case

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