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Geo Batik Bone Loc Tie - Loccessories™

Geo Batik Bone Loc Tie

$14 USD

A Silent Statement of Force. The geometric shape offers strong edges that signify strength. And a simple African trade bone bead adorns with your locs with its striking, hand-dyed details, while its geo patterns' appeals to the modern warrior in you. Make a statement without saying a word. This hair accessory can be used effortlessly to to tie your dreadlocks, braids, twists or ponytails.

With no metal clasps or clips to snag your hair this handy loc accessory helps to keep your hair strong and healthy. The natural bone hair tie is lightweight and practical to use - just gather your locs and wrap the oversized ponytail holder around them as many times as needed with the durable elastic cord for a solid, secure fit. Pop the bead through the loop, adjust, and you're good to go!


  • Lightweight, with easy-to-use bead & loop closure
  • No metal clasps or clips to snag and damage your hair 
  • Open-ended ponytail holder works great for men & women with dreadlocks, braids, or thick, curly ponytails
  • Natural dyed bone; slight color variations to be expected

Approx. 8" long - Loc Tie
Approx. 18" - Loc Lasso

**TIP** If your dreadlocks are thicker than your two thumbs and pointer fingers touching together (when in a ponytail or bun), we recommend the Loc Lasso which features an even more generous length of 18 inches.

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