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Dreadlock Accessories for Men

men with locs

If you are a guy who rocks locs, you don't have to feel left out when it comes to having fun with hair accessories. They are many accessories available for men who sport dreads. These accessories can be used to create custom hair styles and decorate your dreads. The following is a list of unisex accessories that you can use to style your locs.


Head Bands & Slouch Bands

Head Bands and slough bands are a popular accessory for men with locs. They are great for keeping the hair out of your face when you're active. You can also wear headbands in the summer to replace tams that can be a bit too warm in the summer heat. Headbands can help to cover any loose roots, in between maintenance sessions or can simply be used as stylish accessory.


Dreadlock Tams

If you are forming new dreads, tams are a great accessory to have as well. They are useful if you are experiencing a bad hair day. If your roots are ready to be retwisted or you have uncooperative starter locs, tams can be really helpful. You can put on a tam or a crown which will cover your dreads in inopportune times. Let's face it, part of the loc journey is facing those days when your locs have a mind of their own, so why not embrace it and even throw a bit of style on it!


Peyote Stitches

Peyote stitches are very stylish accessories for dreadlocks. You can use them to decorate your dreads while adding personality and character to your hair style. You can also use them to cover any lumps or loops in your dreads or to help to tighten your locs.


Glass Beads

Glass Beads are a more advanced dread accessory. Why do I say that? Because, only a mature dread wearer can rock this, simply for safety's sake. You always have to be mindful that you actually have glass in your hair and have to adjust your activities accordingly. However, they can be used to smooth out any imperfections in your dreads. You can also wear different pieces to change up your style or make your crown of locks even more unique.


Wooden Dread Beads

Beads can be found in a range of different materials including plastic, metal, and wood. Many people use wooden beads to decorate and style their dreads. Wearing beads in your hair will encourage the strands of your locs to stay locked together and also help to tighten your locs.


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